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Produkcjon and Postprodukcion film

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DPStudio is a team of specialists in the film production and post-production industry. Over the years of operating on the market, we have managed to create a brand, that stands ot from the rest. A small percentage of firms can boast with such a wide range of skills. We feel confident in film producion, post-production, special effects and computer animation, all thanks to the unsatisfied knowledge and interests of our creators. Regardless of the level of difficulty, we are able to transfer any vision of the client onto the screen. Isn’t it beautiful to share with the world what was only meant to be stuck in your head until now?

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Our job needs to be split into two basic groups – production and post-production:

  • Film production involves creating the film from the basics. Before camera appears on the set we have to get information about what kind of film it should be, what does it present and what assuptions it should meet. Based on the collected data, we create a scenario and a storyboard. Then actors are hired, make-up artists, props are rented, the lighting and sound are set up. Only after these operations the first film slate goes into action and the camera starts its work. Of course, not in every situation these actions will be necessary. Depending on the project we can skip or mix them. In other kind of productions there won’t be a need for the physical camera due to high technique of making the film, which can take form of animation 2D or 3D. Even in this case, there will be need for precise analysis and on the base of its results we will create the scenario. Make-up and the props won’t be needed and will be replaced by the graphics and 3D models. No matter if the environment we create, digitally generated or mixed, it all require further computer processing. This is where the post-production process start, which involves editing previously recoreded materials, adding sound effects, dialogues, music and a voiceover. Finally, the movie is colored and rendered to a finished file, delivered to the client.

  • If the material that we or our clients have recorded requires the implementation of additional, more advanced processing, then we are talking about serious, professional post-production. Special effects are not only action and 3D scenes, but most of all, a wide range of what you cannot see… Usually it is improving the apperance of a shot by removing unwanted elements form it (it is easy to delete an element from a photo, because it is motionless, by adding motion to the picture it all becomes more complicated). The process of making film more attractive i salso reducing noise, stabilizing the image and repairing so called burnouts. It’s common to cut unwanted advertisements from the background, remove imperfections form the face or replace license plates. You can also insert multiple 2D or 3D items into a recorded scene. Keying and cutting objects and characters, the so called rotoscopy is also a common procedure. Thanks to them, it’s possible to place new elements behing the characters or insert them into completely new environment. 3D animations, particle simulations, matte painting and much more, we do all of that according to the needs and visions of a client, including in that realism of effect and its interactions with environment.

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  • Promotional films

  • Advertising spots

  • Instructional videos

  • Corporate videos

  • Music videos

  • 2D/3D animations

  • Timelapse/motionlapse


  • Keying and rotoscopy

  • Noise reduction and

  • stabilization of shots

  • Removal of unwanted items

  • Adding 2D/3D objects

  • Creating a 3D environment

  • Matte Painting

  • Particles and simulations

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FAQ – frequently asked questions​

How much does producion of film/animation cost?

There is no straight answer to that. It all depends of the type of film, its length, complexity, number of special effects, quantity of the people involved in the project. The price is dependent from the place of recording, the term and even the platform it will be ultimately emited. The cost can vary from 500 zł to even 200 000 zł. We are encouraging you to use initial valuation of film in OFFER section.

How much does special effects VFX/CGI cost?

It depends on the type of effect, length of the shot, movement of the camera and many others components.
Rotoscopy of the character can be more expensive than creating the explosion of the building. The price can vary in range from 100 zł to 20 000 zł for one shot. There is much more variables, that’s why we encourage you to use initial valuation of effects in OFFER section.

Do you need a scenario for a film from me?

At the beggining, it is enough for us to get acquainted with the initial concept of making the film written in few sentences. Any info about the type of a film and its quality, as well as any example for waht you need will be welcome. You can find and sent a link from e.g. YouTube. After receiving the answers, we will be able to give you proper range of price, in which the final production should fit in.

What equipment do you have?

First of all you need to remember, that the film is not made by expensive cameras, but the people. Although depends on the bufget of the production, there will be different types of cameras used starting with Panasonic, ending on the RED or ARRI cameras. We also have our own lighting, green screens, gimbals, tripods, a drone and other necessary equipment, providing us with the production of film shots of all types.

How long does the production take?

Depending on its length, type and complexity, the production of a film may take from 3 days in the case of into animation, up to a month i the case of larger projects, e.g. an advertising film.

Production of special effects can take from 2 days in the case of keying the character or removing elements from the background, up to a month when there is a need for the effects like the explosions or 3D.

What about actors, make-up, music and a voiceover?

Depending on your requirements and preferences we employ actors for the set and other people essential for the production to take place. If necessary, we also provide a voiceover, sound effects and select the appropriate music. We can conduct the project comprehensively, including permits to shoot in selected places.

Contact us

If you have any questions, which are not included in our FAQ, please reach out to us and we will answer as soon as possible. If you want to evaluate you project, you can use initial valuation of order, which is located in the section:

thank you! we will reply as soon as possible!

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