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3D Terrain Pack

Planet Creator

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Product Details

Create incredibly detailed and incredibly realistic planets!

From rocky planets to gas giants!

Everything at your fingertips thanks to Asset Browser!

Sample planets in Asset Browser!

The most important parameters are under control using sliders!

13 different planets ready to use in Asset Browser!

Various planet elements are also available in the Asset Browser!

As a bonus, custom sun settings and a procedural star sky!

Very easy to use!

All parameters can be set individually by entering the shader tab!

Everything was done procedurally!

You can create detailed rocky or gas planets, planets with water, continents, lava, craters, cities, clouds, ice at the poles, rings, etc. Everything is procedurally generated, and the most important parameters can be easily controlled using sliders on the right. It only works with the cycle's engine, although if you play a bit it can also work with eevee.

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